It’s easy for anyone to find an animal companion, thanks to technology. In just one click, an animal can be delivered straight into one’s arms. And, just like humans, animals continue to grow in number, worsening problems linked to stray overpopulation.

Petdentity hopes to contribute solutions.

Pet and human protection

Petdentity, founded by Denis Reyes in 2018, is the first and largest pet data storage system in the Philippines. In coordination with the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) and local government units, the company is working towards a rabies-free country by 2020 through pet vaccination monitoring.

“[Petdentity] comes at a favorable time . . . to allow pet lovers to provide security and protection to their pets,” said Reyes. The company offers microchipping for pets, complete with a system database and mobile app for human companions, veterinarians, and city officials to use.

The microchip, priced at PHP 299, is enclosed in a glass cylinder designed and programmed by Reyes. After the chip is implanted, it is activated by a special scanner.

When an implanted microchip is scanned, vets, public officials, and people dealing with community animals can access the animal’s information. Returning lost animals to their human companions becomes an easy task. Scanning the microchip also provides easy access to medical records and other important information.

New era, new gear

When Reyes was just a young boy, he assumed it was safe to pet a dog at a mall, who turned out to be unvaccinated. He had have several shots to ensure he didn’t get rabies.

Reyes shared that in 2009, their gate was left open and their Labrador wandered off, never to return.

With the help of microchipping, stories of both dog bites and lost pets don’t have to end in tragedy.“

[Stray dogs shouldn’t just be euthanized; they could be returned to their humans, and that’s what’s important.] We have to protect them. Second [is] human protection,” said Reyes.

Because of his background in architecture, programming, and business management, Reyes decided to use technology to create something that could contribute solutions. “[The 21st century is fast-paced. While people are preoccupied with other things, we need to make things organized. We need to make things more systematic.]”

Petdentity plans to provide a centralized database that’s free for all, coupled with animal microchips that could last a lifetime.

Fighting rabies

Zone“Aspins” (asong Pinoy) continue to grow in number, in part due to irresponsible pet ownership. Unvaccinated and unspayed pets contribute to the spread of rabies among community animals.

The Philippines is among the top 10 countries with the highest incidence of rabies in the world, according to a report by the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development. Petdentity’s database helps different organizations monitor and record the vaccination status of microchipped animals. The information is then passed on to the Philippine Animal Health Information System.

Microchipping has started in Quezon City and is currently underway in Cebu, Muntinlupa, and Laguna.

This appeared in Animal Scene magazine’s May 2019 issue.