A dozen pawsome furries with stubby legs and big butts will rush out to greet you when you visit a café at the very heart of Thailand.

‘Corgi in the Garden’ café is located in Bangkok and houses a dozen corgi dogs. It has been a popular destination for both locals and tourists who are dog lovers.

“They’re funny dogs, like their appearances, short and stubby. These are their unique appearances which I like,” Tanchanok Kanawaong, the café owner, said according to a report by Reuters. “And I also like their laughable characteristics as well, they’re so funny.”

Kanawaong claimed most Thai dog lovers come by and visit and surely leaves the place with a smile on their faces.

Customers pay $11 for one-hour sessions with the adorable breed, some of whom are named after food. There’s Porkchop, Pumpkin, Salmon, Bean and Babycorn!

In Thailand, cat cafes are the most popular, so when asked why Tanchanok built a corgi café, she said did not actually planned it to happen.

“I just wanted to share the love and happiness,” Tanchanok said. “Two of my dogs had seven puppies…and the number grew, so we wanted to spread the joy with others.”

Anyone can visit the corgis six times a week and they love to play, but Tanchanok said she always make her corgis take their naps too and rest, so they would not get stressed.