Chuck and Deb Beldo, a couple who manages their Minnesota farm together, were simply playing with their baby granddaughter when their cow went into labor.

Cows normally give birth to a single offspring that weighs between 50 to 70 pounds. However, the couple was left speechless after their cow gave birth to not one, not two, but four calves!

“I’ve been around cows my whole life, and I’ve never seen anything like it before!” said Chuck, according to a report by Goodfullness.

According to The Animal Rescue Site Blog, studies show that only one in 11.2 million cows in the world conceive all four calves alive. All four calves weighed about 25 pounds apiece. This meant they need to be supervised and cared for 24/7.

Chuck, Deb and their family took turns in hand feeding the “little teeny tiny peanuts,” just like how they do with human infants. Once they grew a bit, the family managed to install bottle feeders in their pens and slowly taught the calves how to feed themselves.