Best for those of us who are too busy to source the components one by one, this setup was created from a single kit by ZooMed, which contained a 10 gallon (long) terrarium, sized 20” x 10” x 12” (51 x 25 x 30 cm) with a sliding screen top that could be kept in place with a simple latch which was nonetheless difficult for the animal inside to break or remove.

The kit’s contents include:

* A brick of Eco Earth substrate, a medium

* A medium package of Terrarium Moss

* Small food and water dishes

* A medium Habba Hut

* A dual analog thermometer and humidity gauge

* A small Natural Bush plastic plant

Also in the kit were:

* A small bottle of Wipe Out 1 for cleaning terrarium glass and tools

* A sachet of Reptivite with D3 to supplement your pet’s diet

* A small bottle of Reptisafe water conditioner


Happy Pacman frog is happy!





































This appeared in Animal Scene’s December 2015 issue.