Dmitriy Timchenko was strolling around the neighborhood with his friend in Novorossiysk, Russia when they saw a local stray dog untying a pit bull from a pole outside the store.

The pit bull’s owner went inside the store and left him outside tied to the pole to keep him safe. However, a stray dog might have thought the dog had been abandoned, so he removed the pit bull’s leash and set him free.

In the video taken by Timchenko, it showed the stray did all he could to untie the pit bull from the fence. Then, the stray started to tug the pit bull away from the store. At that point, Timchenko and his friend decided to intervene, fearing that the pit bull might get lost.

They went inside the store and found the dog’s owner to retrieve her dog back.

Timchenko said that it was really adorable to watch the two dogs, noting how the animals easily help each other, which makes any human appreciate their animal companions even more.

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