Dogs sometimes do what they can just so they could go along with their hoomans. For this particular dog, he ended up trapped on the roof of their house after a failed escape attempt.

Catheryn Wood let her husband’s parents keep their dog, Tammy, at her house in England while they all went out for lunch, according to a report by the Southwest News Service (SWNS). Unfortunately, Tammy made her way out of a bedroom window.

“We’d gone into town for some food because Phil’s family were down and we left the dogs at home,” she told SWNS in an interview. “Phil’s family were down and we’d just gone to Wetherspoon’s for tea. We weren’t gone for long, only about an hour.”

“We were talking up through the town and Maple (the family’s other dog) was running down the main street, we picked her up and as we got closer to home there was a fire engine outside. I thought there had been a fire but as we got closer we saw a crowd of people and Tammy was on the roof,” she added.

Apparently, Maple was able to make her way off the roof, but Tammy did not.

“They’ve never done anything like this before, she’s escaped over the fence before but she’s never gone onto the roof,” Wood narrated. “People couldn’t believe it, they were like, ‘Oh my God,’ and there was a crowd of people watching.”

Wood’s husband’s stepfather took Tammy to safety after he climbed out the window himself.

“It’s so hot in the attic that I have to leave the window open, but from now on I’ll have to keep the bedroom door shut. It’s lucky that no one was injured, and the dogs, and that there was no fire. I heard someone singing who let the dogs out when I got back,” Wood added.

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