It’s not easy going through a medical procedure, especially for children. This is why a group of therapy dogs are helping them ease the nerves and make every procedure smooth-sailing.

Milo, Hattie, Quinn, Jessie, Leo and Archie are known as ‘dog-tors.’ The six Golden Retrievers are completing rounds at the Southampton Children’s Hospital in the United Kingdom and provide plenty of cuddles and smiles for the young patients.

(Source: Southampton Children’s Hospital AAI team)

This started seven years ago when a little boy needed to wear a mask. Because he has never used one before, he was adamant on putting it on. A therapy dog comforted him by putting his paw to help.

“One of the therapy dogs was happy to poke his nose in a spare mask and have a sniff,” volunteer and pet owner Lyndsey Uglow told Yahoo News Australia in an interview. When the young boy saw what the dog did, he was happy to try it as well.

(Source: Southampton Children’s Hospital AAI team)

The team of dog-tors even created videos and photos of them trying out the medical equipments and going through some medical procedures. They all gave the children comfort and lots of smiles!

The pooches do not necessarily try out the equipment or the procedures, but having kids see them try it makes the equipment less daunting.

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