Firefighters were hailed as heroes after spending almost 40 minutes bringing a fox back from the brink of death after it nearly drowned in an old water tank in Chatham, Kent.

Emergency crews were called out when the poor animal was found trapped in the tank. The firefighters immediately answered the call and pulled out the animal out of the cold water.


“We have no idea how long the fox was in there for, but it was slowly drowning,” said Lorraine March, from Kent Wildlife Rescue Service. “The work firefighters did was amazing. They spent 40 minutes working on it.”

She added that the firefighters called the local Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), who suggested the crew to take the animal to the nearest vet and have it euthanized to avoid any more pain.

The fox was almost dead when the crew got there, and instead of putting down the animal, they performed CPR and used animal oxygen masks on the fox to bring him back to life. They never gave up, even though it was almost an hour before the fox showed any sign of life.


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