A dog has become an internet sensation thanks to his adorable career as a “pizza reviewer.”

Wally, a Golden Retriever, now has more than 186,000 followers on his Instagram page (@wallacethegolden) as more and more people are falling in love with his photos and videos showing his love for food, particularly pizzas!

In one clip, Wally waits patiently as his mom, Carolyn, brings him a box of fresh cheese pizza. He could not take his eyes off the food, so he immediately took a big bite as Carolyn gives him a slice.

“Pizza is definitely his favorite! Chicken is a close second,” Carolyn told Daily Star in an interview. “When we first offered him a bite, he took one small bite very politely. The next time, he tried to take the whole slice out of my hand! So we knew he loved it!”

Carolyn assured Wally’s supporters that they only give Wally the right amount of food.

“We are very careful about him not getting very much ‘people food’ [and] only small amount on occassion,” she said. “He only eats cheese pizza, no extra toppings. We try to keep it as simple as possible for him.”

In the end, Wally shares his rating for the pizzas. And for this one? It’s a 6.8 out of 10!