A sneaky dog named Luna is certainly a happy pup!

Luna was rescued from the streets and was adopted by Anna Carolina Lima and her fiancé in Brazil a few months ago. During a visit to Lima’s grandmother’s house, Luna might have been playing with other things other than her own toys.

Anna Carolina Lima and Luna. (Photo: Anna Carolina Lima)

Lima felt comfortable leaving Luna with her grandma for a while as she stepped out for lunch. During that time, Lima’s grandmother decided to take a nap. Before doing so, grandmother placed her dentures under the pillow.

Luna, who was still awake, might have seen it. So when grandma woke up, the dentures were nowhere to be found!

(Photo: Anna Carolina Lima)

“She was pretty desperate that she couldn’t find her dentures,” Lima told The Dodo. “She and my mom searched everywhere. They searched for hours.”

When Lima heard what happened, she immediately thought about looking for Luna who had been suspiciously keeping out of sight.

“I found Luna sitting in the armchair with Grandma’s teeth in her mouth,” Lima said. “She didn’t want to give them back!”

(Photo: Anna Carolina Lima)

After some chasing around, Lima was finally able to retrieve the dentures, which fortunately had not been damaged by Luna.

“We all laughed a lot! We love animals,” Lima added.

(Photo: Anna Carolina Lima)

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