Aleecia Dahl’s grandfather originally never wanted any pet. But, when he met Coco, his perspective changed completely.

“Coco is the dog Grandpa never wanted but cannot live without,” Dahl told The Dodo in an interview. “They are best of friend that he never knew he needed.”

From what Dahl said, it’s safe to say that her grandpa and Coco became inseparable since the moment they met. They’ve had several trips together and most recently, the grandfather took Coco out to buy some comfortable chairs at the furniture store.

“When grandpa and grandma moved, they [needed to buy] new furniture,” Dahl said. “It was grandpa’s requirement that the footrest on his lounge chair was wide enough for him and Coco to sit side by side.”

Dahl added that her grandfather took Coco to several furniture stores so they could try out chairs together and see what they like the most. Thankfully, they found their ideal chair that is both cozy and comfortable for the both of them!

“She’s his little best friend,” Dahl said.

Photos: Aleecia Dahl

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