After the hustle and bustle last Christmas and New Year, time to relax a bit with your beloved pet.

But here are some guidelines for pet owners, barangay leaders and animal welfare groups.

This month, your pet deserves an honest-to-goodness health check with your friendly veterinarian.

Remember the stress suffered by your pet during the firecracker explosions last New Year’s Eve. Subdued as it was due to government reminders, your pet needs a break.

Your friendly vet reminds you to walk your beloved pet for some exercise and catch fresh air at the park. Consult your vet as to what your pet may eat the rest of 2017.

Moreover, an anti-rabies vaccine might have expired or lost efficacy.

Thus, a new vaccine against the dread disease is an order.

Barangay or community leaders are urged to renew the registration of pets in the neighborhood in the spirit of animal control and discipline.

‘Tis the “month of love” you know.

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s February 2017 issue.