Hound Haven, a non-profit organization that provides a retirement and rehabilitation center for military working dogs (MWDs) and contract working dogs (CWDs), has recently lost most of their facilities in Angat, Bulacan after typhoon Ulysses.

“The state of the Hound Haven Center in the aftermath of Typhoon Ulysses… the office, wash area, clinic, and some parts of our fence were damaged, but the kennels were untouched. I wouldn’t call myself religious, but I know God was watching over our dogs,” said Maxin Arcebal, Hound Haven CEO and founder, in the organization’s social media post.

The rehabilitation is in need of financial assistance for the reconstruction of their facilities in order to continue caring for their retired dogs.

They are also continuing to raise funds for the hospital bill of one of their doggos, 15-year-old Chika, who had to undergo radical mastectomy. If you wish to help, you can donate here: