A retired military dog “tears up” in a surprise reunion with her former handler.

Wangwang is an eight-year-old German Shepherd who worked as a sniffer dog in Xichuan county in the Henan province of central China. She retired from service on June 2019, and found a new home, leaving behind her long-time companion.

Last month, her handler gave Wangwang a surprise visit while he was patrolling in the neighborhood.

In a clip shared by Xichuan Police’s Douyin account, the Chinese version of TikTok, the police officer can be seen calling for Wangwang outside her home.

The excited pooch runs directly into her handler’s arms. She stayed beside the officer and even refused to let them go as the patrol unit tried to head back to their police vehicle.

“Wangwang’s hair is turning white but she is well fed, she is getting fat,” the post read. “It is always hard to bid farewell to your buddy.”

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