A non-profit animal rescue organization has been appealing for help to feed the dogs and cats in their shelters and the stray animals they continue to feed.

Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) says they are hoping for fellow advocates to help in feeding their rescued animals in the shelter and provide food for the strays.

“We are serious in keeping our small team safe, but we are just as determined to give relief to the stray animals that are undoubtedly starving out there,” AKF said in a statement.

The government has announced on Tuesday, April 7, the extension of the enhanced community quarantine until April 30 due to the coronavirus threat, which forced people to stay in their homes and practice social distancing at all times. Because of this, several establishments and companies closed down, including animal shelters.

Without humans in sight, stray animals are no longer fed out in the streets and shelter animals can only make most of their supplies.

“To our domestic supporters, please if you can, and encourage your community, leave food outside your gates for these animals. They badly need nourishments,” AKF added.

You can DONATE via online banking to:

  • BPI – AKF Inc. 1681 0015 88.
  • RCBC Current – Animal Kingdom Foundation. 0046010931
  • BDO – Animal Kingdom Foundation. 0069 1011 0365.
  • PayPal: [email protected]

Or thru here: AKF Rescued Dogs Need Help

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