To help families feed and care for their animal companions during the coronavirus pandemic, Humane Society Silicon Valley is expanding its Pet Pantry and Emergency Boarding programs.

The Pet Pantry Program offers pet food to owners who are experiencing financial hardship in Santa Clara County, while the Emergency Boarding Program provides short-term boarding for those who aren’t able to care for their pets due to the pandemic.

The program is open for those who have been hospitalized and do not have anyone to care for their companion animals; first responders who are unable to care for their pets due to work; and those who are going to lose their residence due to financial hardship.

“COVID-19 has greatly impacted families everywhere,” says Kurt Krukenberg, president of Humane Society Silicon Valley. “Some pet owners are facing the harsh reality that they may not be able to afford to feed their animals right now or even to keep a roof over their heads.”

“People in our community are experiencing sickness or hardship, and so many others are taking heroic measures to provide care and support,” he adds. “We are committed to ensuring their pets’ safety and well-being during these challenging times.”

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