Temperatures in India have reached an all-time high these past days. It has already reached 50 C in some regions, which is not just uncomfortable, but deadly too.

About 76 people have reportedly died from the heat wave, and if the temperature continues to be on that level, experts believe more people could die.

So in the hopes of having the temperatures back to its normal level, hundreds of Indian citizens gathered for a wedding between two frogs, which is called “Mandooka Parinaya.” The ceremony is said to appease the rain gods in an attempt to put an end to the drought.

Times of India reported that the event began when volunteers decided to catch a group of frogs in separate areas of the city. The Department of Zoology in Manipal inspected the frogs and chose the betrothed.

(The Times of India)

Those chosen were Varuna and Varsha, who were named after the god of water and the rainy season.

Varuna and Varsha rode on a tricycle to go to the hotel for their wedding ceremony. They wore custom-made outfits, with the female frog even wore a toe ring.

After the wedding, they would have their honeymoon in Mannapall, which is a village near Manipal. There, they will also be released back into the wild.

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