The president of Ireland is known for always having his dog beside him during events. Recently, Brod, the adorable Bernese mountain dog stole the show once again in an official event and took the internet by storm.

Irish President Michael D. Higgins may be one of Ireland’s national treasures, but it’s his dogs Bród and Sióda who always steal the show.

During the official International Women’s Day event, Bród barges into the room full of people and searched for his favorite human, the head of state. As soon as he spotted him, Bród flipped on his back and demanded some belly rubs!

Higgins obliged and laughed with everyone else in the room as he gave Bród the much-awaited rubs.

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill even shared the clip with the caption: “I like a president who understands the need for belly rubs” followed by another tweet: “I adore Michael D. Higgins!”

“I’ve had dogs all my life. I’ve had three dogs because one of the originals died,” Higgins told Matt Coopers of Today FM’s The Last Word. “[I like them very much because they are a] very sociable breed and they’re very safe [around] children.”

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