• Are an adult

• Live in a small space like an apartment or condominium

• Like comfort and want a good companion

• Want a good watchdog

• Need a dog who is adaptable to change

• Need a therapy dog

• Need a small dog which doesn’t shed a lot and gets along with other pets like cats

• Like to be active with your pet


• Often leave your dog alone for long periods

• Do not have the time to invest in disciplining your Yorkie and teaching it that you are its alpha or pack leader

• Live where there are weather extremes

• Cannot invest time and patience in housebreaking them, as Yorkies are somewhat difficult to housebreak

• Have small kids which can injure a Yorkie easily

• Entertain many strangers, because Yorkies are territorial

• Cannot spare the time to groom your dog

• Cannot deal with a picky eater

• Have other, bigger, older dogs or live in a neighborhood with many of them, as Yorkies are prone to small dog syndrome (when they are not properly socialized or disciplined, they exhibit behavior we do not accept in larger dogs because we think it is cute, like jumping on a person)

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s February 2017 issue.