Fifty-six percent of dog owners report sleeping with their dogs in bed. Cuddling with your furry four-legged best buddies would feel good, but of course, not without a few interruptions along the way.

Advantages and disadvantages of sleeping with dogs in bed

1. May not decrease sleep quality

Having your dog in bed is not at all bad. A small study of adults found they sleep fine with their dogs in the bedroom, but not so much when their dogs are actually in bed with them. Depending on the number of people, pets, the size of your pet, and bed size, some people may find it hard to keep their dog in bed with them. But, if you wake up refreshed and are not fatigued at all, your doggo is probably a great sleeping buddy.

If you find it hard to sleep in bed with them due to the size of your bed or the dog, you may think about getting them a dog bed and just place them beside you in your bedroom.

2. Provides comfort and security

A 2018 survey of adult women showed that having a dog with them can be associated with comfort and security. Most humans feel comfortable when they know their animal companions are close to them.

3. Boosts mental health

Multiple studies already proves that animal companions help relieve stress and anxiety among hoomans. A 2012 study showed that human-animal interactions can reduce stress-related factors such as epinephrine and norepinephrine, lower aggression, enhance empathy, improve trustworthiness and trust in others.

But of course, there are also some disadvantages of sleeping with animal companions that humans must take into consideration.

1. Decreases sleep quality

As stated before, dogs may disrupt their hoomans’ sleep. There are dogs who snores, and overheats the bed, which can lead to their human companions still tired or longing for a daytime nap.

2. Aggrevate allergies

Animal companions can carry allergens like dust and pollen into your bed, which can trigger severe allergies and asthma.

3. May spread disease

Dogs may spread germs and diseases, with the risk coming from fleas and ticks, ringworm, and skin infections due to mites.

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