Get to know the factors that need to consider if a Bullmastiff dog is the right dog for you. 


  • You like (and can care for) massive and powerful dogs
  • You want a dog which is easy to groom
  • You’d like a dog that is calm and quiet indoors, the way adult Bullmastiffs are
  • You want a daunting watchdog
  • You want a dog that is serious and self-assured with strangers yet is mildmannered unless provoked
  • You want a dog that only needs moderate exercise
  • You’d like a dog that’s great with kid


  • You have only a small garage space or yard for this large breed
  • You have trouble with rowdy juveniles that jump exuberantly
  • You can’t put up with a dog that can be destructive if bored
  • You don’t have the time to properly socialize your Bullmastiff to prevent potential aggression toward people and other animals
  • You have trouble putting up with heavy snoring and drooling
  • You will encounter some difficulty in training your dog
  • You’ll find it difficult to deal with serious health problems and a short lifespan
  • You can’t afford expensive food bills

This story appeared in Animal Scene’s October 2017 issue.