Photos by Tetsuhiro Suzuki


“Chows usually get stereotyped as lazy, aggressive, and aloof. Logan is a very smart and independent Chow but he’s also extremely affectionate and athletic. I made sure to socialize him as much as possible when he was a puppy and quickly discovered the joys of travelling with a furry companion,” begins Logan’s owner Show Suzuki, an emcee, composer, and writer.


Seeing all the photos of Logan traveling with his owner will certainly amaze those who know Chow Chows. “Physically, he also resembles the attributes of the original Chows from China: lean with a long snout. This made it that much easier to go on amazing adventures around the country and run around nature with my very own Direwolf,” Show grins.

“There is nothing more satisfying than running along the beach with Logan or watching him hike up a mountain like a pro. Every experience is amplified with Logan’s energy and enthusiasm for life. He reminds you to live in the moment and embrace everything around you no matter how different they may be.”

Now before you think of adopting a pet just to take Instagram-worthy photos like those Show has taken, he reminds people that taking in a dog or any kind of pet is a huge responsibility. “Their needs don’t end with water and kibble. I believe it’s our honorable duty as pet parents to make sure that we give them the love and care that they deserve.”

He adds, “I am by no means a pro when it comes to photography. An easy suggestion is to try out is to GET DOWN and enter their world before taking those shots. More often than not you’ll be able to capture their expressions and physicality more authentically when you’re down on the ground with them.”

How have they overcome the challenges of co-traveling with a pet? “More and more pet-friendly establishments are available now but there are still many challenges for those with bigger pets. My number one rule is preparation. Do enough research and make sure to contact the right people to find out if your travel destinations are suitable for your pets. Never forget to bring all of your pet’s essentials to ensure their safety and your peace of mind during these trips,” Show shares.

While Logan isn’t even two years old yet, he shows extreme affection towards everyone around him, including other dogs, kittens, and human beings. “He’s playful and loves travelling to different places and exploring the wilderness,” Show beams. “It’s hard to imagine life without Logan right now. In a lot of ways my life is centered around our time together and it’s something that I value wholeheartedly. My relationship with him has taught me discipline, provided a sense of purpose, and most of all, enriched my days with laughter and bliss.”

Some people who share pets with loved ones abandon the poor, innocent pet when the relationship ends. That was never an option with Logan, who entered Show’s life in March 2015 as a gift for his partner, who had always dreamed of having a Chow Chow. “But Logan turned out to be so much more than that. My relationship ended in late 2015 and as dreadful as that time was, I can honestly say that Logan helped me get through it like a champ. Not only did I manage to train him to kiss and hug in order to fill that void of human affection, having to take care and love another living being beyond yourself really provides a sense of purpose and teaches humility,” Show recalls.

You can follow Logan’s Instagram and Facebook accounts (@princechowming) to find out fun places you and your furry companion can explore.


This appeared in Animal Scene’s December 2016 issue.