Japan never fails to amaze anyone with their crazy product inventions. Most recently, a company in Japan made adorably cute sandals, inspired by their love for cats.

Nat Getaya, a Nara-based shoe company, has been known for making geta – a traditional Japanese sandal, for years. The traditional sandals usually look like a combination of a flip-flop and a clog. However, because of the Japanese’s love for cats, the company made a new design for their sandals.

Their traditional footwear design was revamped shaped like cats and gave it the name “Nyara Geta.” Nyara was derived from the words nya (Japanese for ‘meow) and Nara (the place of origin.)

These cat-shaped sandals have the cat’s cute protruding ears, stout body, and a short tail. Compared to the traditional sandals made of wood, these cat-shaped slippers are made of soft EVA, which is very comfortable to the feet!

Anyone can choose from nine different designs and buy them from the company website for 3,780 yen ($35) each pair.

You can visit their site here: Japanese company

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