Spencer, an eight-year old therapy dog, spent his Monday morning cheering for runners at the Boston Marathon.

The Golden Retriever and his dad, Rich Powers, often visit schools, hospital, and senior centers to spread joys and be a friend for everyone.

Facebook/Rich Powers

Recently, a video of Spencer sitting on a crate with two flags in his mouth with the words, “Boston Strong” have gone viral during last year’s race, with nearly three million views on Facebook.

Powers dressed up Spencer with a coat during the marathon, so that his little supporter could brave the cold and rainy weather.

Facebook/Rich Powers

This year, Spencer will is back for the marathon and wore a bright yellow raincoat of his own to keep him dry and, of course, stand out from the crowd.

Watch him here:

Another year motivating some awesome athletes and it looks like we can lose the raincoat soon!

Posted by Rich Powers on Monday, April 15, 2019

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