Every pet owner has this urge to take lots of photos of their animal companions. For this one woman, she took it to the next level by doing a photoshoot of their newborn kitten.

Kitty Shaub is a 30-year-old photographer who specializes in newborn photoshoots. Last year, Shaub and her husband adopted a cat for their five-year-old daughter. Shaub’s friend has a cat who recently gave birth to six healthy kittens.

Shaub’s family later on named the kitty Luna.

“They’re spending all their time together – they sleep together, eat together, and when Amelie (their daiughter) is playing with the dollhouse, Luna is there too!,” Shaub said.

One day, Shaub was preparing for a photoshoot when she saw Luna sleeping on the couch. She said Luna sleeps almost all day, so it was not hard for her to take photos of their adorable feline.

“I put her in a salad bowl from my kitchen, and everything turned out great,” Shaub said. “She was sleeping the whole time – we tried waking her up, but she was cozy in there and just slept. I don’t think she minded – she’d do just about anything you want if you pet her!”

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