Many stray animals take temporary shelter at malls to keep them warm for the time-being. Although there are some establishments who make sure to push the strays out, there are still those who help the animals in need.

The PAWSsion Project, a non-profit animal rescue organization, posted the story of Fiesta, a mama dog, who was seen outside an Ayala Mall in Bacolod City. Fiesta has recently given birth to her puppies, and they were photographed outside the mall while the rain was pouring.

BACH Project first called for anyone’s help to adopt the dogs earlier this week. Yesterday, PAWSsion Project said that Fiesta and her litter have all been rescued, checked by a veterinarian, and are already in their shelter.

They praised the employees of the Ayala Malls, who apparently took the dogs to their barracks for shelter.

“One of the puppies has been adopted while the three other puppies and Fiesta have been dewormed already. Once done with vaccination, they will be for rehoming already,” the organization wrote on their Facebook page. “Fiesta, one of our regulars, will be staying with us. She will be spayed and will soon be reunited with the other Ayala regulars as we rescue them before Christmas.”

If you are looking at opening your homes for stray animals, you can contact PAWSsion Project or any other animal rescue centers to adopt.

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