Justin was enjoying a full-day adventure rafting down the Red Deer and Saskatchewan Rivers. One day while he was fishing, he heard a squeak. He looked for it and found a nose barely above water level. At first, he could not make out what was in the water because it was dark and murky, but Justin unexpectedly fell into the freezer water and got his answer.

He saw it was a coyote pup and pulled it out of the water. The pup was unconscious at first and did not seem to be breathing. Luckily, Justin knew how to do CPR and managed to do a modified Heimlich maneuver by pushing on the pup’s belly.

After a few times, water finally came gushing out of the coyote’s snout and he could finally breathe again. Justin dried the coyote and made fire to warm them both.

He ended up calling the pup YipYip. With no service to where they were, Justin decided to bring along YipYip with him on a 10-day rafting adventure.

Justin eventually found a place with cell service and called his wife for advice. He then called organizations in Ontario and Manitoba and was rerouted to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan.

YipYip is now becoming wild again at the rehab and hides whenever someone approaches him, which means he can go back to his wild habitat soon as he’s adjusting fast.

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