Scottish sports broadcaster Andrew Cotter has been entertaining his followers with his pet dogs, Olive and Mabel, now that people were forced to stay at home and practice social distancing due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

But, it’s not all fun and games for their household, that’s why the BBC commentator decided to sit down with his two companion animals and have a “company meeting” via Zoom. It’s safe to say it did not go well.

In the video clip Cotter shared on his Twitter account, Cotter held a Zoom meeting with Olive and Mabel. Unfortunately, the two dogs do not seem interested in talking about the household business and preferred to scratch themselves and stare into the distance.

“This is one of the things that we have to address, the lack of focus at times,” Cotter says as Mabel continues to stare into space and display zero interest in whatever they were talking about.

“You’ve pretty much ruined the sofas. 913 squirrels chases, none caught, so not a good return. So again, things to look at,” Cotter continues.

Watch their hilarious meeting here:

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