A concerned citizen posted a video of a dog leashed to a car and was dragged through roads in China on June 5.

In the footage uploaded to Pear Video, a black dog can be seen leashed to the back of a car. The dog looked really tired, as he rests when the car was put into a halt thanks to the traffic light, but when it started to move again, the dog tried to keep up but was mostly dragged along the way.

Police managed to grab hold of the video and led an investigation of the case.

The driver was reportedly from Guangdong. He explained that he just adopted the dog from a pet shop on the same day, but the dog had a strong smell so he tied it to the back of his car instead.

He was handed two demerit points for dangerous driving and had to pay 100 yuan (P750).

Though China lacks laws to protect and support animals rights, there have been several Chinese welfare groups that helped domestic animals from animal cruelty.

You can watch the video here: Man tied dog to back of car

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