Nowadays, dogs are not just considered guardians of the house. Most people consider them part of the family and even as their own fur-babies.

Around this time in 2016, a Labrador by the name of Bella, and her hooman best friend Robert Kugler, were featured in the news worldwide. Bella was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a bone cancer, and Kugler made it his mission to give Bella the last trip she deserved.

Vets told Kugler that Bella’s front leg needed to be amputated, or had to be put down. She was also given three to six months left to live, because the cancer had already spread to her lungs.

With time running out, Kugler decided he will spend every single moment with her and bring her to one last epic adventure.

They left their home in Nebraska and traveled from Chicago to Key West, to Nashville, and Savannah.

Bella definitely enjoyed her trips with dad and had surpassed three to six months, because she had 14 wonderful months enjoying her life since her leg had been amputated.

However, Bella passed away later that year.

“Bella’s role, for me, was my co-pilot. My partner. My dearest and truest friend,” Kugler wrote in an Instagram post.

Though he has lost Bella, Kugler still relives every memory of her in his book dedicated to her, “A Dog Named Beautiful.”

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Two years. Today marks two years since I said goodbye to the most beautiful and Loving girl I’ve ever known. I could think of no better day to announce that I’ve spent these past two years putting together not only stories of Bella’s journey, but some of the most impactful stories in my life that shaped and broadened my perspective. I can say without a doubt, that this was the hardest thing that I’ve ever done, and as excited as I am to be finished with the writing, the feeling of vulnerability from digging down and unearthing some of the deepest parts of myself can be a bit overwhelming. However, I know that I have great people in my life to bring me up when I am down, and keep me grounded when I venture too high in the clouds. In fact, I mention many of them on the pages along with Bella, and wish I could’ve included every person and every animal who’s impacted my life in positive ways. The book is available for pre-order and will be published by Penguin in the U.K. (available March 21, 2019) and Macmillan in the U.S., (May 14, 2019.) Thank you to Marcus Brotherton, James Melia, Andrea Henry, Cait Hoyt for making this all possible. ————————————————— You may notice in my bio that I added the word: “Author.” I’ve been a lot of things in life, and have always felt like I’ve never really known “who” or “what” I am, what my purpose is, etc. Perhaps I’ve struggled with all of those things so that I could write them down and share them. Perhaps it was Bella that showed me how to write from the depths of my heart in a way that could reach the hearts of others across the world. I hope that this book will connect with others in ways that allows them to drop walls and open their hearts, not only to Bella, or to my story, but to the stories of Life, Love, and Loss that can truly connect us all. ❤️❤️🐕❤️❤️🍂🌪🍂 -Link to purchase U.S. in Bio, will post Penguin link (U.K.) ASAP.

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Kugler, an animal lover at heart, now often spends his time talking about his lovely Bella and other canines through forums. On his free time, he would likely spend them frolicking with his new bud, Max.

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