After a photo of a slaughtered Green Sea Turtle in Zambales circulated on social media, authorities have warned local fishermen on using explosive to catch the endangered marine turtles.

Emerson Y. Sy, a herpetologist and the executive director of the Philippine Center for Terrestrial and Aquatic Research, shared the photo of a green sea turtle with its internal organs exposed last March 20.

(Photo by: Emerson Sy/FACEBOOK)

The sea turtle was found in the boat of three fishermen, who were allegedly engaging in dynamite fishing along the municipal recently, according to a report by the 302nd Maritime Police Station.

Sy said the Philippine National Police (PNP) Maritime Group first seized the turtle from a vendor in Bangantalinga, Iba Zambales, but new reports show that the Maritime police arrested 30-year old Norlie Romanba, a fisherman from Barangay Lipay Dingin, for using dynamite in fishing with two others.

The two other fishermen escaped while authorities nabbed Romanba with his styro box filled with different fishes and the sea turtle.

Raymond Rivera, the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer, warned fishermen of the national law to conserve and protect marine animals, including the green sea turtles, which are listed “endangered” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Republic Act No. 9147 is the law that protects the conservation of wildlife resources and their habitats. Those who violate this law shall be fined with as much as P300,000 and may face a jail term of as much as four years. *T)6 3