We don’t know entirely for sure whether mailmen and dogs have a very complicated relationship, but we see it in movies and well… in some neighborhoods where dogs just kept running after them.

The reason why dogs often bark delivery men who comes close to their homes is because it is their way of defending their territory. When the dog sees the postman leave, it meant he is successful in defending his territory. So the next time a delivery man comes to their door, the dog is likely to respond to another defensive manner as part of its rewarded behavior.

But, there is one man who defied all stereotypes.

Jason Hardesty is a New Orleans United Parcel Service (UPS) driver who has a special ability to make friends with every animal companion on his way in a neighborhood. While most mailmen ignore or run from barking dogs, Jason wins all their affection and takes a selfie with them.

For Jason, UPS may actually mean “Uplifting Puppy Selfies.”

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Jay and COXO #pUPSofjay

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If you just want to be uplifted as we have been, take a look at Jay’s Instagam account and you will not be disappointed! He shows all the dogs he meets along his routes in New Orleans. We might be surprised, he might just be the next dog whisperer!

If you wish for your dog and post man to be friends, you could try this simple training exercise to get them acquainted.

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Jay and Darwin @evthornton #pUPSofjay

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1. Introduce your dog to the postman.
2. Allow your postman to give your doggo some treats.
3. Socialization is good first step.

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