Parents surely love their children, but it seems like most parents love their pets a little bit more.

(Unsplash/The Honest Company)

2,000 pet owners were asked who they love the most. 72% of those pet owners were parents. According to the results, 34% of the parent said they preferred their pets over their own children and 20% of parents even bought their pets more gifts than what they purchased for their own child.


OnePoll conducted the ‘I and love and you’ study. They also found out that 67% of those surveyed claim their animal companions to be their best friends, and 68% of pet owners admitted they were happier with their pets than spending time with their family or friends.

“Pets are more than just a companion, they love us unconditionally and make us want to be better people,” said Lindsey Rabaut, marketing vice president for I and love and you. “A pet’s love brings out the best in all of us.”

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