As the community of dog lovers continues to rise in population, more establishments are also trying fill in the demand and makes pet-friendly places that could suit their customers’ needs.

Now, aside from the usual pet-friendly restaurants and hotels, a cinema in Plano, Texas has been built for the friendly furries.

K9 Cinemas allows movie goers to bring their dogs to watch films. The only rules are: owners must, of course, clean up after their pets, vaccination records of their animal companions must be provided, and only two dogs can be allowed per hooman.

(Facebook/K9 Cinemas)

Tickets cost $15, which included access to free wine and whiskey and your dog’s admission! However, if you are under 21, you may enjoy free soft drinks and dog admission. The cinema also love a frequent movie-goer, so if you are, they will offer you MVP packages!

What’s great about this cinema is that you and your animal companions may enjoy the movie while lounging on the comfortable couches, all with popcorns for you and treats for your dogs!

(Facebook/K9 Cinemas)

Generally, because it is a K9 cinema, they pick a dog-themed movie every night. They also have themed nights like “Karaoke Margarita Night,” and “Bring your dog to Church Night.”

“We are taking one year to work out the best system since we are the very first to try this, and then have every intention to franchise nationwide,” K9 Cinemas wrote in a Facebook post.

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