A new TikTok challenge may be changing the narrative for cats, which may show how they can be gentle protectors of fragile eggs. But of course, not all cats can do it.

TikTok user @annao appears to have started the feline challenge. In the video, the user’s voice intones, “Apparently if you give a cat an egg, they protect it, because it’s fragile.” According to Buzzfeed who first reported the new trend among cat owners, the challenge may have been inspired by the toddler versus egg gag or the dog version where a Golden Retriever is also given an egg to hold in its mouth.

In the videos posted by feline lovers, it shows that many cats apparently take their new responsibility seriously – often cuddling up with the egg or caressing them with their precious paws.

One cat took his responsibility to a whole new level that when his owner came to retrieve the egg, he would not let the egg go to keep it safe.

But of course, there are some cats who thought their hoomans gave them a new toy to play with.

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