2023 is when we all try to go back to our everyday lives, and with this comes more events, such as the Pet Express Dog and Cat Expo, which is finally back at the SMX Convention Center.


Human guardians of animal companions had a blast at the Expo, buying whatever brand of food they want to give their furry babies.

Aside from food, there was a myriad of pet accessories to choose from. And the biggest deal of them all? Most, if not all, of the items were on sale. There was also no need to worry about the checkout line. The queue was moving quickly. The cashiers packed the paid items into plastic bags efficiently and wasted no time.


Of course, the expo wouldn’t be complete without events. Special guests gave their talks at the main stage located at the back of the convention center.

Guests were mainly from participating brands, such as Royal Canin. They primarily talked about the importance of pet nutrition and pet responsibility.

The speakers also gave out freebies for participating audience members through games like “Bring Me.”

There was also a pet blessing in the morning during all three days of the expo.


The people who came brought their furry babies to the convention center. Many bystanders took pictures with the Dogs and Cats, relishing their cuteness.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), which also had a booth at the Expo, brought some of their Dogs, one of whom was a rescued Chihuahua named Twister. PAWS rescued her from a trash can, and after a check-up from their vet, she recovered and is living a comfortable life.