A pet snake slithered into another house and into the suburban Chicago family’s washing machine, survived the washing cycle and came out smelled like Downy.

Sanela Kamencic, owner of the house, told WMAQ-TV that she was “totally creeped out” when she saw the snake’s head turned up on Wednesday from their washing machine in Evanston.

(Facebook/Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital)

Police officer Pedro Carrasco and Jason Pound, an animal control warden, took the reptile from the house and brought it to the Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital. Carrasco said the snake was “peeking inside its head out of the washing machine” when they found it. Pound added that the snake definitely “smelled like Downy” after surviving the wash.

Melissa Giese, a veterinarian, told radio station WBBM that the snake is “in pretty good shape” and is “really feisty.”

(Facebook/Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital)

Apparently the corn snake named Penelope escaped her 12-year old owner, who lived nearby. Luckily, the snake did not suffer any serious injuries from the wash, so they were quickly reunited afterward.

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