Most families would avoid owning a pit bull, especially when they have babies and toddlers in their home.

Pit bulls are commonly accused of being wild and can be a danger to children, because of their reputation of being overly fierce. However, pet owners should know that that is not true for this breed and no scientific or data has been founded that pit bulls are naturally wild.

Recently, Latana Chai and her children were inside their home in California when their neighbor’s house burst into flames.

Chai was fast asleep when the incident happened. She said she woke up from the sound of their pit bull, Sasha, barking loudly at the back door. Chai thought Sasha’s bark seemed to be in quite a bit of stress and her barks were more intense as time passed by.

Chai realized that something might be wrong, so when Chai saw what was happening, Sasha was already inside and leaped into action immediately.

The mother was just about to check on her child when she saw Sasha was already racing by her side and sank its teeth into the child’s diaper to pull her outside and away from danger. From there, Chai took her other daughter outside too. If not for the dog, the baby could have been hurt by then.

Chai said Sasha and her 7-month old baby was very close and almost spent every second of every day together, which may be the reason why the pit bull went for her to save first.

Watch the report by KCRA News here:

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