And on its 10th year, too

The Philippine National Koi Show (PNKS) celebrated its 10th year by returning to the public three years after the pandemic halted events.

Due to time constraints, PNKS was held in a smaller venue. But this did not stop registrants from coming and enjoying the event.

We spoke to Russell Tantuco of Koi Hub about the show.


PNKS had its judges flown in from Japan to evaluate the participating Fishes. They are considered the foremost authority in the industry.

“Many would think that the pattern is the first thing judges look for . . . but this is [far] from the truth,” Russell said.

According to him, the one thing that judges look for is quality. “Quality pertains to the skin and the body conformity of the Fish. They also look at the overall impact.”

In a way, Koi shows are not that different from Dog and Cat shows. Judges consider impact, plus how the Fishes swim and move.


PNKS was established in 2013. While the pandemic did not impact the Koi- sphere, the 2023 show was considered a “test show” as the pandemic waned.

This year’s participants came mainly from Manila.