A police officer in Minnesota reportedly pulled a car after noticing a distracted driver at the Chisago County, only to find the driver with a surprising companion inside the car.

Sgt. Jason Foster looked inside the window and was shocked to see a 250-pound pig in the driver’s lap and another smaller pig next to the driver’s seat.

Another cause of distracted driving | 📸 Twitter/Chisago Co Sheriff

According to the man behind the wheels, both pigs were his pets and even seemed to pose for a picture when the officer snapped a photo of them.

“It’s right up there in the top 10 of the crazy things we see,” Foster told KMSP-TV.

The owner added that he was moving to another part of the state and did not want to let his pigs get cold during the trip.

Foster let them off with a warning and reminded the owner that driving with unsecured animals could be very dangerous. When travelling with pets, it is recommended to place them in a secure, well-ventilated crates or carriers inside the car.

Fox 9’s Maury Glover with Sgt. Foster. | 📸 Twitter/Chisago Co Sheriff

After the incident, Foster and the whole Chisago Co Sheriff team looked like they can’t move on from the hilarious scene they have just witnessed.

“It’s right up there in the top 10 of the crazy things we see,” Foster added.

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