A Chihuahua puppy had been abandoned inside a hot car parked at a shopping center in Kansas City. Passersby found the dog and were scared of what could happen to the poor pup, so they called the police for help.

Officer Jeff O’Rear received the call and immediately ran to the scene. By the time he arrived at the scene, the animal’s temperature was well over 100 degrees already.

According to local reports, the puppy was already unconscious at the time of the rescue after being trapped inside the car for almost two hours and with no access to air and water. The pup was taken to a nearby vet hospital to see what they could do.

The owners of the dog were charged for animal cruelty, while the pup recovered and was forced to stay at a shelter to help him find a new home. But it did not took long enough, as O’Rear decided to adopt the Chihuahua home.

His kids were overjoyed and the dog can’t look for a better home that O’Rear’s family.

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