Animal control discovered an abandoned puppy patiently sitting at an armchair on the side of a Mississippi road on Monday.

The dog was discovered Sharon Norton, an animal control officer from the Brookhaven Police Department. She said a concerned citizen called her to check out the dog sitting in an armchair in Brookhaven.

This dog thought its owners will come back for him, so he stayed on the armchair for days. (Picture: Facebook)

Norton snapped photos of dog, which shows it was already emaciated and probably starving to death in a brown recliner armchair. Its previous owner left the dog some food, but the poor animal seemed like it did not move away from there in case its owner came back.

“To the person that dumped this chair, your puppy was waiting for you to come back, slowly starving to death because it was afraid to leave the chair to find food,” Norton wrote in a Facebook post. “Shame on you for doing this to this puppy… but one day Karma will meet up with you.”

Animal control officer feeds the dog minutes before rescuing him. (Picture: Facebook)

WLBT reported that someone saw the dog dropped off on the side of the road, along with the armchair and a television. The dog was rescued and will then be placed up for adoption.

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