A terrified puppy has been photographed crying in pain after it was tied to a fence with a razor sharp wire outside a rescue center in Jackson, Mississippi.

Two dogs were bound to the gate, with one of them suffering a deep wound to its leg thanks to the sharp wire. Pippa Jackson, a worker from Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi, found the two animals while walking on Wednesday.

(Picture: Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi)

“I hate people,” Jackson said as she took the puppies’ photo for documentation of the abuse. “And one will need immediate vet care because the assholes tied them with wire.”

She added that it could have taken some time to tend to the animals’ care, because it was a holiday and vets were already full with boarding. Luckily, the pups were immediately admitted and cared for at the Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi.

(Picture: Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi)

Jackson and her colleagues tend to the dogs’ emergency veterinary care, noting that the dogs are now on antibiotics and are recovering well.

The pup with a deep wound on its leg would not be losing his leg.

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