The Quezon City will soon open a public veterinary clinic to offer affordable veterinary services for the public’s pets.

The plan first started after Councilor and now Rep. Anthony Peter Crisologo introduced City Ordinance 2854-2019, which says “low-income pet owners of Quezon City should have access to affordable veterinary services where pets can receive veterinary consultation, treatments, vaccinations, grooming, medicines, and animal supplies.” This was also approved by former Mayor Herbert M. Bautista.

The City Veterinary Department will supervise the clinic under the ordinance. Its committee, which would be composed of representatives of the City Administrator, City Veterinary Department, City General Services Department, City Engineering Department, City Health Department, City Budget Department and City Treasurer’s Office, which will also be formed to draft Implementing Rules and Regulations to properly enact the local law.

The public veterinary clinic will provide free anti-rabies vaccination for pets. Pet services such as spay and neuter castration, deworming, and ear clearing will be offered at affordable prices.

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