Home service veterinarian Dr. Gab shared a photo of a male Calico Cat on Facebook during their spay-and-neuter program.

He wrote in the caption, “Finally! After years of searching for a male [C]alico patient, we found one today!” He elaborated in the caption that this was the first time they found one out of many outreach programs they did.

Facebook users shared their amazement in the photo’s comment section. Some even shared some pictures of their own male and female Calicos.

Why are male Calicos rare?

In an interview with Dr. Gab, he said that the reason male Calico Cats are rare is genetics. 

“Fur color is largely, if not fully, dependent on [the] cells’ X chromosomes. Since a male has XY, he has only one X chromosome, which means one coat color, unlike female [C]ats with XX — this means two possible colors [that can also combine to form others].”

According to him, a Calico can turn out to be a male if there is a genetic abnormality wherein a male Cat has XXY similar to Klinefelter Syndrome in humans. Another is having two X chromosomes, where it is possible to have more than one fur color. There might also possibly be a mutation of genes.

The Cat was identified during a spay-and-neuter program in Alabang and Pasay.

(Doc Gab | Facebook)