On May 27, 2015, a chocolate brown bull terrier-mix was found with its swollen muzzle bound by electrical tape. The dog, named Caitlyn, had her mouth taped by her previous owner to shut her mouth from barking. Her rescuers believed she was unable to eat or drink for 48 hours.

The Charleston Animal Society took her in, and when people saw Caitlyn’s photo from a Facebook post, donations poured in. The money they earned helped a lot in Caitlyn’s jaw reconstruction surgery.

Ted Corvey from the Charleston County adopted Caitlyn. He was with her from the very beginning. Corvey worked with the county prosecution against Caitlyn’s abuser and former owner, William Leonard Dodson.

“I really formed a good connection with her,” Corvey recalled during an interview with ABCNews4 on their first meeting. “So that got me really emotionally invested in the case. From there, we just started preparing it for trial.”

Dodson eventually pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five years in prison for animal abuse. “I’m not trying to be mean, but I wish I could give you more,” Judge Dennis said during court conviction.

Now, Caitlyn is living her best life thanks to the help of generous people around her. Dr. Henri Bianucci and the staff of Veterinary Specialty Care in Mount Pleasant saved Caitlyn’s tongue and restored her damaged mouth.

She was then adopted by Corvey, along with his wife five moths after being rescued.

“She’s super sweet and very playful,” Corvey said. “My wife and I are just very lucky to have her. After night one, it was an obvious fit, and we knew she was never gonna go.”

Ever since then, Caitlyn did not just became a local celebrity, but also an inspiration for all other dogs who experienced abuse. Which is why she became an “ambassadog” and a mascot for improving animal welfare.

Photos from Charleston Animal Society

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