Hundreds of rubber ducks are poured into the ocean at the Huntington Beach Pier in California for the annual Duck-A-Thon.

This serves as the 27th year of the Duck-A-Thon, which is a three-day fundraiser event, where all proceeds from the rubber duck sales will go to AltaMed’s Huntington Beach Community Clinic, a nonprofit organization that provides medical and dental services to underprivileged families.

Hundreds of rubber ducks were dropped into the ocean during the Duck-A-Thon race to shore, that raises money for charity at iconic Huntington Beach pier, California on June 1, 2019. (Photo by Mark RALSTON / AFP)

“Over $3 million [have been raised] over the years at this annual fundraiser,” organizers stated.

The ducks which are numbered and paid for by patrons, float to the shore on the incoming tide. The first 60 baby ducks to shore win a prize for their owners. The 1st place winner wins $1,000. (Photo by Mark RALSTON / AFP)

With 2,500 participants this year, the first 60 rubber ducks that reach the shore will win a prize for their owners. First place will receive $1,000.

(Photo by Mark RALSTON / AFP)

Others may think that these ducks may just add to the pollution in the area, but don’t worry! Volunteers are all waiting and ready to get every single piece of rubber duck at the shore, and each of the ducks had also been numbered and marked by its owners, so that no rubber duck will be left behind.

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