Originally created to cater to popular pets (cats and dogs), Animal Scene has evolved with the industry, shifting its focus to include small mammals, birds, and the burgeoning groups of breeders, researchers, hobbyists, and fanciers of exotic creatures (reptiles and invertebrates alike) and fish.

The Magazine

Since a change in editorial direction in 2015, it has scored several industry-leading firsts: the first dual covers for a single species (March 2016, the Green Tree Python); the first to offer an exclusive complimentary pullout photo magazine with the Aquarama July 2015 special; the first to offer two different covers and cover stories for a single issue (October 2016, featuring the Oriental Fire-Bellied Toad and the Ragdoll Cat); and the first to do collectible specials on hot topics such as monster fish (January 2016), the flowerhorn (May 2016), and the arowana (July 2017).

And because its back issues are still in demand among fanciers and hobbyists, plus it has established a reputation for stories curated for responsible fact presentation and a careful selection of columnists, contributors, and topics, Animal Scene has positioned itself as an authoritative voice in a large industry, able to unite many expert voices for its special issues, and giving its partners and advertisers a much wider per-issue reach due to each issue’s longevity.