For more than three weeks, a security guard has been feeding a gorgeous black cat. Later on, he decided to check if the feline was indeed a stray animal, only to find out she was not.

Cats Protection, a leading cat welfare charity in the United Kingdom, was called by the security guard to check if the cat has a microchip. Turns out, the feline indeed has one, and looks like she’s 60 miles away from home.

“Leighton Myers, a security guard on a local industrial estate, contacted us about a stray cat he had been feeding, and one of my volunteers Lorraine Conroy went out to scan her,” Wendy Harris, a volunteer for Cats Protection for over 24 years, told Bored Panda in an interview.

She said they checked their database and immediately sent the cat’s owners an email so they can contact her directly. Harris said the cat, whose name is Ruby, is in a healthy condition thanks to the kind-hearted Myers.

“Her owner rang me as a result of the letter and at first thought it was a hoax, as she had been missing since April 2018,” Harris said. “He said he would drive straight here to Coventry from Bedford, so Lorraine went back to where she was and tempted her in with food, then rang the owner, who set off. I went too.”

Apparently, Ruby is a five-year-old black cat who ran away from her home in Brogborough, United Kingdom in April 2018. Her owners believe she hitchhiked to one of the trucks close on the M1 motorway close to their home.

“When Jordan arrived, Ruby was straight to him. She really knew who he was—she was all over him,” the volunteer told Bored Panda. “It really demonstrates how important it is to microchip your cats and to keep the details up to date.”

“No words can describe the happiness I’m feeling right now. I had little hope of finding her after nearly three years, but now she’s home safe and sound,” Ruby’s owner told BBC in an interview.