In a now viral video, a detection dog can be seen trying to stop his handler, who was reported to be retiring and about to leave the barracks in China.

The German Shepherd, Bei Bei, is seen holding onto his handler’s duffel bag with his mouth, trying to stop the officer from going away. Bei Bei even tried to stop the car door from closing and chased the moving vehicle after his trainer big his last goodbye.

Zhang Wei, the retiring sergeant, was leaving the barracks in China’s north-western region Xinjian when the footage was filmed, according to a report by Chinese media.

The footage was recorded after the retirement ceremony of the officer, where he turned over the sniffer dog to his colleague as he prepared to leave. The sergeant bent down and gave his loyal companion a kiss, appearing to hold back his tears. He can be heard saying: “Good boy. Now take him away.”

Retired military dogs in China are looked after by the local government, said the fire brigade.

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